I am a guitarist, singer and songwriter born in Portugal. I play guitar since the age of 10, but my music studies started a couple of years before. At that time I learned music theory, started playing the piano/organ, and joined a choir. Since then, I've been playing with many musicians - professionals and amateurs, with whom I lived great moments and from whom I learned much more than music.

At the moment, I play regularly with the Double TroubleFleetway, and the Cloudy Juice.

I have always been interested in all the aspects behind the music from theory to history, from live performance to production, and I'm continuously searching for new challenges. I have experience in a wide range of music genres, including Rock, Funk, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Bossa Nova, and others. My passion for music came probably from my parents, who own a local radio station.

I enjoy performing and I get truly happy when my music makes you smile, dance and have a good time.


AUG 22

Estaminet Schommelen

Leiden, NL
AUG 28

Beach house KeyWest

Double Trouble

Katwijk aan Zee, NL
SEP 19

Private event

Cloudy Juice

 Leiden, NL
SEP 29

La Vida Loca

with Luciana Montrone

Katwijk aan Zee, NL
NOV 16

Ladies Night at Café Hiernaast

Double Trouble

Langeraar, NL
NOV 24 Fleetway Sassenheim, NL
DEC 19

Café Plantage


Leiden, NL
FEB 15

Muziekcafé De Paap

Cloudy Juice

Den Haag, NL